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Kitchen Makeover

kitchen makeover

Reducing the cost of a new kitchen is the preferred choice for many, particularly as savings can be significant, but cost is not the only reason consumers should take into consideration when choosing between complete installations and makeovers.

The brand new kitchen option means a lot more work, time and money and the disruption is probably 10 fold because there are so many different aspects involved. Wiring, tiling often times a complete new floor will be required therefore the timescale will usually be a lot longer.

A makeover where new worktops and cupboards are required can be completed in a relatively short space of time, meaning less disruption, less stress, as well as a serious reduction in cost. Even if taking into account the installation of new appliances there would not be much more time involved.

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Bedroom Storage Solutions

Bedroom Storage Solutions

Time to Spring-clean Your Storage?
Okay – so not all of us do a big spring-clean anymore but Spring is a time when we are likely to have a look at giving our wardrobe and drawers a bit of a clear out. It is amazing how much stuff can you gather up and relatively quickly. Then, before you know it, you have no room for any of those spring fashion must-buys.

Room to Breathe?
It is said that clothes smell fresher for longer, when they are stored away with enough space for air to circulate around them. Sounds great if you have the luxury of loads of storage space, or a walk-in wardrobe (sigh!). However, what if you have limited room for storage? Or your bedroom has sloping ceilings or awkward corners that make it difficult to get standard furniture to fit? How do you make the most of the room you have and create more storage space?

Storage Solution
A tailored fitted robe could be the answer. Depending on the space you have available, a fitted robe’s storage can include sets of drawers, half-length hanging rails for shirts, blouses and jackets, full length hanging space for longer coats and dresses, shelving for folded knitwear (or knick-knacks or books), and shoe racks for your footwear. Great for organising what stays and what goes! Especially as it can be all be built in and customised to your needs!

From Function to Finish
You also have a choice on how it looks inside and out. There is a variety of interior and exterior finishes to choose from, and exterior finishes can include mirror doors, gloss doors, and traditional look doors, chosen by you from a palette of colours, shades and styles. A great way to give your bedroom a new look for Spring!

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Selling Your House?

Selling Your House? Will Your Kitchen Seal the Deal?!Our advice is that unless your old kitchen is falling apart – DON’T BUY A WHOLE NEW KITCHEN! You probably won’t get your money’s worth back.

When looking at your house, buyers will have already considered the major things like price, location, size and kerb appeal, number of bedrooms, size of garden, etc.

Reading through the latest ‘make your home look great’ and ‘get your buyers to buy your house’ magazines, you will already know cleanliness, tidiness and décor are vital. But, time and time and again they will state the kitchen can either encourage buyers to part with their hard-earned cash or put them off entirely.

In our experience at Maine Joinery Services, even when new buyers are planning to change the kitchen, it can still determine how much they are willing to pay for your house. So, what should you do if your kitchen is old and/or dated?

> Look at the kitchens your kitchen is competing with (it is best to do this alongside friends or family of different ages, who are not afraid to be honest).

> If yours looks better – a good clean-out and making sure handles and hinges are in working order is all that your kitchen needs.

> If yours looks worse…

* If you have plain kitchen doors, i.e. slab or shaker, changing your handles and worktops can be enough to make your kitchen more appealing.

* If your kitchen doors are damaged and/or dated, change these and any matching pieces if your kitchen has them, e.g. panels at the end of units, the toe board (under the bottom units), cornice (on top of upper cupboards), and pelmet (the bit underneath the upper cupboards).

* If your kitchen cupboard door handles and hinges are still good – save some cash and keep them! If not – replace but remember to check out the details first:

° Hinges can open from 90° to 180° – how user-friendly are yours?

° Handles can vary from a few pounds each to the “How much?!!! For a handle!!!”

* Make sure the price quoted is for your colour and style options and ask your friends and family for their advice on your options too!!

* Don’t forget the reason for your kitchen upgrade is to sell your house! Set a realistic budget and stick to it!

Please feel free to contact Maine Joinery Services to discuss your options and get a free ‘no obligation’ quote.

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Want a New Look Kitchen? – Create Big Change on a Budget!

Getting a new look kitchen doesn’t have to cost the earth. Upgrade your kitchen and get the latest looks in gloss doors, grey doors or earthy tones, or even something more traditional, without breaking the bank.

With a choice of options from new doors, new worktops, new splashbacks and upstands or even adding new units – you can really transform your kitchen for a lot less than a new kitchen! And because you are keeping the most expensive aspects of your kitchen, i.e. the units, appliances, etc. you are keeping costs down!

New Doors
To achieve the look of a new kitchen, the biggest impact you can make is to change the doors, add new end panels, and add new cornice to top of the high-level units. With a choice of gloss and traditional finishes in a wide range of styles you can opt for either matching or complementary contrasting colours and finishes.

With modern kitchens, you don’t need the traditional lighting pelmet that was attached to the underside of high level units, which is one less expense. Plus, for the most on trend kitchen go for the handleless door options – it saves on the cost of buying handles!

If you are happy with your existing kitchen doors and units, or have changed them and want to finish with a totally new look, new worktops in a contrasting finish or just a different colour could be what you are looking for. There is a wide range available from the more budget friendly laminate worktops to solid wood worktops to granite and quartz worktops at the other end of the budget scale. Most also have the option of matching upstands.

Splashbacks and Upstands
If the existing colour of your worktops complement or contrast with your new doors you don’t have change them! But if you want a splash of colour, opt for an acrylic splashback. You can choose from a wide variety of colours. And, if you want to spend a little more, you also have the option of adding acrylic upstands to match your splashback.

Add New Units
If you have the room to add a unit, and you don’t already have one, then why not take the opportunity to add the current must-have – a pantry or larder. You can add it on to an existing run of units or even as a standalone feature. Great for that extra storage space!

To discuss your requirements or to arrange a visit and free no obligation quote contact Maine Joinery Services on

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