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Selling Your House?

Selling Your House? Will Your Kitchen Seal the Deal?!Our advice is that unless your old kitchen is falling apart – DON’T BUY A WHOLE NEW KITCHEN! You probably won’t get your money’s worth back.

When looking at your house, buyers will have already considered the major things like price, location, size and kerb appeal, number of bedrooms, size of garden, etc.

Reading through the latest ‘make your home look great’ and ‘get your buyers to buy your house’ magazines, you will already know cleanliness, tidiness and décor are vital. But, time and time and again they will state the kitchen can either encourage buyers to part with their hard-earned cash or put them off entirely.

In our experience at Maine Joinery Services, even when new buyers are planning to change the kitchen, it can still determine how much they are willing to pay for your house. So, what should you do if your kitchen is old and/or dated?

> Look at the kitchens your kitchen is competing with (it is best to do this alongside friends or family of different ages, who are not afraid to be honest).

> If yours looks better – a good clean-out and making sure handles and hinges are in working order is all that your kitchen needs.

> If yours looks worse…

* If you have plain kitchen doors, i.e. slab or shaker, changing your handles and worktops can be enough to make your kitchen more appealing.

* If your kitchen doors are damaged and/or dated, change these and any matching pieces if your kitchen has them, e.g. panels at the end of units, the toe board (under the bottom units), cornice (on top of upper cupboards), and pelmet (the bit underneath the upper cupboards).

* If your kitchen cupboard door handles and hinges are still good – save some cash and keep them! If not – replace but remember to check out the details first:

° Hinges can open from 90° to 180° – how user-friendly are yours?

° Handles can vary from a few pounds each to the “How much?!!! For a handle!!!”

* Make sure the price quoted is for your colour and style options and ask your friends and family for their advice on your options too!!

* Don’t forget the reason for your kitchen upgrade is to sell your house! Set a realistic budget and stick to it!

Please feel free to contact Maine Joinery Services to discuss your options and get a free ‘no obligation’ quote.

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